Sunday, January 13, 2008

Pictures from 2007!!!

A New Year!

Finally a new year and I'm just getting around to getting this blogger thing updated. We are excited for new adventures to come as we watch the girls grow daily. 2007 was wonderful!!! We went Huntington Beach, CA in March with Dan's family and stayed in a really nice condo off the beach. I had never had a In & Out Burger and they went to go get some and I stayed with the girl's at the condo. When they came back Greg handed me a burger and it tasted just like McDonald's, GROSS. I was so disappointed and then they all started laughing. Yeah it was McDonald's they finally tossed over the good stuff after much laughing. The vacation just got better from there, no really it did.The beach was beautiful and Sea World was a blast. We had a really busy summer I was still working for J-Mac Radiator with Daniel and his family doing outside sales. In August we went on vacation to Kure Beach, NC with my family. SOOOO MUCH FUN! It is really one of my favorite places in the whole world. but only when all the relatives are there. Dan and I did some surfing and the girls loved the ocean. We had to really watch Taya because she would run right in, life jacket or no life jacket. Indi was a bit more reserved when it came to getting in the water but warmed up to it in the end. We got Britt's Doughnuts everyday. They're are the best doughnuts in the world. We also went on the Dance cruise one night and had a blast dancing to all the fun songs . It's funny how we're all realted but seem to move so differently then the other, ha ha ha! The girls had a wonderful Birthday party with family and friends and got lots of toys and treats. I started a new job in November with a doctor who specializes in TMJ joint therapy down town SLC. I work for him two days a week and I'm really liking that, very challenging to me, that's a good thing. The Holidays came so fast and ended just as quickly as they started. Christmas was so much fun with the girls this year they loved opening all the presents, not just their's but everyone's. We spent the night at Dan's parents house and had Christmas morning with them and the great grandparents for the last Christmas Morning Omelette Feast that Dan's grandpa has done for the ever. We'll miss those Omelette's. the rest of the day we spent with my family and it was so fun. The Girls got a play kitchen from my mom and a double wagon from they're Great Grandma's that I know we'll come in handy for the summer. Can't wait for warmer weather and I can't beleive the girls are turning three this year, whoa that goes by fast. Anyways we'll keep you updated.